Why I write

I tell stories.

I’ve written and edited thousands of words for print and online outlets over the past 10+ years, mostly as a journalist. Specialties include feature and human interest stories, breaking news, business, local government, interviewing, research and fact-checking. Accuracy and ethics are two keystones of my career, and I’ve learned that no matter what you write, you must remember your audience.

Mike McKibbin

One thing my journalism background provided is the skill to easily and quickly understand a subject, then explain it to readers and viewers also unfamiliar with the subject. I always want my stories to get an emotional reaction, to wake someone up to a new way of thinking or acting. To make a difference and add something to someone’s life.

My career has also changed as technology – and the industry – evolved. Now, I write and edit, but I also blog, tweet and understand how to use social media effectively. I’m also enhancing my layout and design skills to be as up to date as possible.

I have had no problems handling multiple projects as an editor, communications professional and presently as a freelance writer. I’m also one of those people who get annoyed when they see a mistake in a sentence or a misspelled word. I’ve been known to correct tweets, emails and text messages. I think if someone is writing something, they should do it right. I constantly strive to produce the perfect sentence, paragraph and story.

In a nutshell, my passion for writing and telling a great story is what I do best and love most.


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